Senior pics

You may remember my 'baby sister'.  She's actually not a Senior yet, but she's been a great sport.

Ev and Matt

Dad and Cael
This one was taken at the school.

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Lion Dusti said...

You did an amazing job with your sister's "senior pictures." I love that you got behind the fence and framed her in for the first shot. I don't know if I've ever seen that before. I also like the editing and angle of the second shot. One of my favorites is her standing in front of the white chipped paint. Who would have guessed white chipped paint to be such an attractive backdrop? How did you find these places! :-) I'm also wondering - on the picture of Cael and your dad - not to call you short, but how did you get high enough to take that picture at Cael's level and not looking up at them? Looking at that picture one would think you and your dad were the same height and I know that's not true! :-) You're gifted!