Cael and his cookie

Just more practice for homework contest...
I know the grandparents appreciate this blog - sorry to anyone else, who thought it might be more "Bloggish" - pictures is what we do.

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Lion Dusti said...

Oooh, I LOVE your blog! Love seeing pictures of your boys! Your pictures of them are amazing and you are so talented! You're lucky to have such cute subjects as "homework!" :-) I'll look forward to seeing more pictures on here! I'm new to blogger too and I'm sure everyone would be happier if there were more pictures of Gabe and less blogs with me venting about whatever random things are going on! :-) This is nice!

Dis you know this Easter weekend is the 100th anniversary for Toronto Alumni? We're going down for the annual Easter egg hunt and dance that night. Bring back any memories?

I love being in that gym and school. I could spend hours looking at our old school pictures they have up in the cafeteria - if I didn't have Gabe to chase after of course!

I'll be thinking of you.